About Us

Origin: TERRIFIC, Inc., an acronym for the Temporary Emergency Residential Resource Institute for Families In Crisis, Inc., founded in 1975 by the Reverend Debbie Tate and a group of caring volunteers, is a community-based, internationally-recognized, non-profit housing and human service organization.  Its mission is to meet the bio-psychosocial needs of “Families in Crisis” (groups of people who share similar bio-psychosocial economic challenges that impede their access to care, resources and quality life). TERRIFIC, Inc. believes that all persons, regardless to age, sex, bio-psychosocial economic status, race or religion should have access to safe, clean affordable housing and complimentary support services.

Recognition:  TERRIFIC, Inc. has received national and international recognition and media coverage for quality services and unique program prototypes. Our programs have been visited and supported by dignitaries including the Late Princess Diana, First lady Barbara Bush, Madam Museveni of Uganda, and by celebrities Patty LaBelle, Sugar Ray Leonard, Daryl Green and many others.

Organization Structure: TERRIFIC, Inc. is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. It is governed by a volunteer, working board of nine directors who represent diverse disciplines and professional experiences. The organization’s accounting system is managed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Audits are annually conducted by an independent CPA auditing firm. Financial support for the organization and all of its programs is provided through public donations, foundations, District of Columbia Government and Federal Government agencies. TERRIFIC, Inc. encourages and receives in-kind support and donations that include technical assistance and fundraising initiatives.

Contact us on (202) 882 1160