Older Adult and HIV Program

Nearly 40% of all the persons in the District of Columbia with HIV are over 50 years old. To decrease the alarming rate of HIV infection among older District adults, TERRIFIC, Inc.’s Older Adults and HIV Prevention Program provides HIV prevention and education to older District residents and to adult service providers.TERRIFIC, Inc.’s Older Adults and HIV Program seeks to educate, offer testing, integrate linkages to care, train and support community providers.


TERRIFIC, Inc.’s outreach identifies partnerships with DCOA-supported Congregate Meal Sites, DC‘s Housing Authority, faith-based organizations, the Department of Parks and Recreation and numerous other Senior Community Networks and older adult settings to conduct ongoing education among older adults.

HIV Medical Case Management

Testing HIV-Positive is not a death sentence but ignoring the facts won’t make it go away. TERRIFIC, Inc., through the District of Columbia, Department of Health (DOH), HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD and TB Administration (HASTA), provides medical case management services for persons living with HIV/AIDS. TERRIFIC, Inc.’s skilled case managers conduct assessments and perform case management services with the goal of assisting consumers in being medically compliant.


We can help in obtaining entitlement services, rental, medical and nutritional assistance and daily living activities (cooking, eating, home health care, cleaning and grooming services, etc.). Our goal is for consumers to thrive and live vibrant, active and healthy lives!

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